We ship everywhere around the globe, directly from Japan!

Anything from clothes, to music instruments or car spare parts can be shipped using different international couriers (exceptions apply, see below goods that cannot be shipped.


For more information on international cariers, please visit the following resources:

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To see an estimated shipping cost, we have a convenience cost calculator on individual product pages.

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Items containing the following substances or materials cannot be shipped by air:
 - Gas, aerosol
 - Oil
 - Chlorine
 - Sprays
 - Sunblocks
 - Hair tonics
 - Perfumes
 - Nail Polish
 - Lighters, matches, electric cigarretes, fireworks, firecrackers.
 - Batteries, power banks, portable batteries, battery charges, vehicles batteries
 - Rear or front shocks absorbers, dampers front or rear.
 - Airbags
Oversized Items
 - For large and oversized items such as windshields, bumpers, speakers etc., please ask for a shipping quote before placing an auction bid. 
Package Size Calculation
- The maximum package size that can be shipped by EMS is 3 meters (~9.84 feet).
- This is measured by the following formula: Length + (Width * 2) + (Height * 2). 
- Maximum length cannot exceed 1.5 meters  (~4.92 feet).
- Maximum width multiplied by 2 cannot exceed 1.5 meters  (~4.92 feet).
- Maximum height multiplied by 2 cannot exceed 1.5 meters (~4.92 feet).
Example 1:
Rear bumper for a Subaru Sambar KV4, KV3 - EMS Package
Length: 1.4 meters
Width: 0.2 meters (x2) =  0.4 meters
Height: 0.4 meters (x2) =  0.8 meters
Total: 2.6 meters 
Total size is less than 3 meters, so the package is within the acceptable size limit and can be shipped by EMS.
Example 2:
Car windshield (any model):
Length: 1.4 meters
Width: 0.26 meters (x2) = 0.52 meters
Height: 0.84 (x2) = 1.68 meters
Total         3.6 meters
Total size exceeds 3.6 meters, which is outside the maximum allowed size and therefore cannot be shipped by EMS.
Oversized items can be shipped by DHL or FEDEX, but the costs are significantly higher.
For example, shipping a windshield by DHL may cost ~100,000 JPY and FEDEX may cost ~230,000 JPY.
*We strongly advise everyone to contact us for a price quote before placing auction bids on large, heavy or oversized items.


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