Frequently Asked Questions


What is 500yenshop?

500yenshop is a proxy shopping service that allows you to buy millions of goods from Japan and have them shipped directly to your door, anywhere in the world.

500yenshop uses and integrates the four most famous Japanese e-commerce platforms: Yahoo Auctions, Amazon Japan, Mercari, and Rakuten directly at so that you don't have to navigate from site to site; everything is added to the same shopping cart, and when you finish purchasing, we take care of them by organizing and consolidating your purchased items in the most appropriate way that is required.
It is well known that in Japan, there are many shops and specialized pages that are only dedicated to the domestic market. It is here that 500yenshop is at your entire service so that you can acquire the exclusive Japanese products that you have always dreamed of. We will give you all the necessary attention so that your experience is easy, simple, and, of course, satisfactory.


What kind of products can I buy?

With 500yen shop you can buy genuine OEM parts made for the Japanese domestic market as well as high-quality aftermarket parts and used spare parts from the local Japanese market. You can buy cars, construction equipment, motorcycles, all kinds of electronics, games, anime, manga, toys, collectible figures, clothes, footwear, art, books, jewelry, sweets, food, and all kinds of exclusive paraphernalia from the Japanese market.


How to buy?

On the website, you load money into your balance by clicking on the balance. You bid on or buy stuff. The system will deduct from your balance. Then, in a day or two, the system will notify you that it's time to ship. You order the shipment, pay for it, and then the parts will arrive 3–10 days later.

Option 2

You can send me a direct message with your vehicle's full VIN. We'd be happy to address the concerns further.


How much are the fees?

We charge a small, fixed fee of 500 yen ($4.5) for our services. This way, you always know what you're paying for.

The total cost of a purchase is calculated in the following way:



Optional services:

What other optional services are charged when using

- Good consolidation: 1,000 yen (~$7)
* Applies automatically to all shipments

- Extra photos: 300 yen (~$2) per item

- Extra packaging: from 1,000 yen (~$7)

- Wooden sheathing: from 2,000 yen (~$15)

- Dismantling guitars and other music instruments: from 1,000 yen (~$7)

- Dismantling spare parts: from 2,000 yen (~$15)

- Individual packaging or works: on request

- Storage fee over 20 days: 300 yen (~$2) per day



How to pay for the order?

You can pay for the orders/ packages by choosing between two payment options:

Payment with your balance or payment with your PayPal account. You will be redirected to PayPal secure payments page.

How to top up your account

Click on the Balance on the page of your account, choose PayPal as payment method, enter the amount you want to deposit, then click on Pay button. You will be redirected to PayPal secure payments page. After the amount is deposited, it will appear in your balance.